Our answers to your questions


Do the lessons take place in all weather?

The courses are held in all weather conditions. The only exception is when the Mountain Railways are closed.

In what language are the lessons held?

In ski school classes our instructors speak English and German. Private lessons can also be requested in other languages, however we cannot guarantee this.

Where do you meet your Snow Sport teacher for private lessons?

We teach half-day courses (or shorter) on Madrisa or Gotschna / Parsenn. With full-day courses, you can choose which ski area you want to ski in.

The duration of the lesson begins when the guest meets, so we recommend meeting the teacher on the mountain so that the lessons can start immediately and you do not lose any lesson time.

Is the price of the ski pass included with the course?

The ski pass is not included. Everyone over 6 years requires a valid ski pass at the start of the course.  

What happens if a participant falls ill or has an accident?

In the event of an accident or illness, a certificate from a registered doctor or hospital in the Prättigau or Davos must be produced and the unused days of the course will be credited or reimbursed. Lessons started on the day of the accident will be charged in full.

Credits are valid for two years and can be used for a further course. If a refund is requested by cash or bank transfer then a deduction of CHF 20.- processing fee will be taken.  

How early should I reserve a group or private lesson?

It is highly recommended to book early in the High Season (Christmas / New Year & February) as we are often booked out! 

Is equipment included with the price of the course?

Equipment is not included in the price of the course.

If you have booked and paid for lessons with us, you will receive a 15% discount on your equipment rental by showing your lesson receipt in sports shops DÖRFJI SPORT and GOTSCHNA SPORT.

Children's Ski School

From what number of children is a group course guaranteed to run?

We need a minimum of 4 children to run a course (3 children for the beginner course).  Courses with less than 4 children (or 3 for the beginner course) will have to be either shortened, combined or cancelled. 


Where do the children meet for group lessons?

You will find information on our meeting points here.

Do I have to say in advance if I am bringing my child in the morning to the bottom station or meeting the instructor on the mountain?

No, we do not need to know in advance. If the children are not at the meeting point at the bottom station by 9.30am then we will meet them at the relevant meeting point on the mountain and we then start with lessons at 10.00am.   

Where does the group lesson finish for half-day courses?

The lesson always finishes ON THE MOUNTAIN at the respective meeting point.

With a half-day course can my child be brought down to the bottom station?

Basically not, as the teachers often teach again at lunchtime or in the afternoon.

In the morning, however, you are welcome to ask the teacher whether he will return to the bottom station after class and take your child with him.

From what age can my child take group lessons?

Children from 4 years upwards can register for ski school. If you have a 3-year-old child who you think might be capable then please book a trial morning and we can then decide whether the child can continue with the classes.  

Which level do I book for my child if it has never been to a kids ski school and doesn't own a Swiss Snow League booklet?

On our website you will find a short film about the different levels of the Swiss Snow League for all group courses. Should the level your child is put into is not be correct then our teachers will move your child to the appropriate course. 

What if my child does not like ski school?

If you are not sure whether your child will like ski school, we recommend booking a single morning and then extending it. A refund is not possible after the course has started.

What is the maximum number of children in a group?

In the Snow garden (beginners) there are 3-5 children per group. At all other levels, especially in the high season (Christmas / New Year & February), the group size can be up to a maximum of 10 – 12 children.

Do I have to book a whole week?

Our programme for group lessons is for a week with a ski race and prize giving ceremony at the end. To benefit the most we recommend a one week course, but of course it is also possible to join the course for fewer days!

Is it cheaper to book several days together?

Yes, the more days you book together the cheaper it is. The price for the week is better value than the price for a booking of intermittent days.

Can I extend a group course if, for example, I only book 3 days?

Yes, the course can be extended. This must be arranged with the ski school office (not the instructor) before the end of the 3 days booked (the earlier the better). In the event of an immediate extension, you will receive the reduced price of the maximum duration of the course.  

In the event of a break between the courses then the 2nd part will be recalculated. I.e. you will not benefit from a reduced rate if the booking was only for a few days. An extension of a course is only possible once during the week.  

Is it possible to join an ongoing group course later in the week?

Basically yes, provided your child is already able to stop independently. Entry into a course is possible up to Thursday, depending on the group / level and after consultation with the ski school office, but it makes sense to start as early as possible in the week. For total beginners, a start is only possible on Sunday and Monday (later only after consultation with the ski school office).

What happens if my child is too strong or too weak?

If the teacher sees that your child's level is not right in the class, then they will change the child into the appropriate class. This will happen as quickly as possible and also there can be a change of class during the week if necessary.

Do the children need ski poles for lessons?

The children need ski poles from the level of Blue King / Queen - around the middle of the week when you will be informed by the teacher.  

Is there supervision at lunchtime?

Lunchtime supervision is available only for full-day courses. The cost of lunch and supervision is CHF 22.- per day.  This offer is not available for half-day lessons. 

From what age does a child need a ski pass?

A child needs a valid ski pass from their 6th birthday.

On what day is the children’s ski race?

The children's ski race and prize giving usually takes place on Friday morning. When there are a high number of participants in the High Season (February), we split the races on Thursday (Snow garden and Blue League) and Friday (Red League and Black / Academy). Please ask for further information in the ski school office.